Why TSun?

A new boutique eyewear brand, with sleek design’s for the young at heart.

The TSun Optica range of eyewear is introduced after research into the global seasonal market, consisting of styles to suit every look, face and changes in day to day activities for work, pleasure and fun.

TSun has carefully selected high quality acetates that offer comfort and durability. Handmade frames are made with cellulose acetates derived from wood and cotton. Acetate features resistance to sunlight, flame resistance, safe for sensitive skin and sustainable to the environment in a world of climate change.

TSun Optica offers a range of custom lenses that stand out and deliver in terms of quality for the modern-day fashion and lifestyle markets.

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For our polarised range we have chosen melanin polarised lenses, inspired by the natural defences of the human body against the sun. Our melanin lenses filter both ultra-violet and blue-light, whilst preserving colour perception.

Melanin is our eye’s and skins’ natural defence against the sunlight.

TSun Polyamide Nylon Lenses provide high optical quality and material pureness. They are known to be extremely strong, giving impact resistance, durability and flexibility.

Poly-Carbonate lenses used in the Aloha model are super-light weight, offering superior optical clarity.



Brown tint enhances the quality of light cutting out neutral brown tones , giving an increase in contrast and depth perception and filtering out blue light up to 96 percent.

Perfect for hazy days, and for those who prefer a higher contrast warm brown tint.


Grey tint is colour neutral, reduces light intensity without any change in colour and provides crisper contrast. The darker tint in this group is made to cut glare while reducing eye strain in slightly above average brightness situations and enhancing depth perception.

These lenses suit activities where colour detection and change occurs such as at sea.